Young Drivers

All beginner drivers must complete a probationary period while attaining their license. G1 and G2 license holders usually pay high insurance rates so in many cases they are covered under parents or some other method to lessen the load. Unfortunately parents must pay the consequences on their insurance for any and all infractions committed by their youth. Everyone on one policy will save you money, however if there are four drivers, each with one traffic ticket, you can see how rates can become high. A new law was enacted that if a G1 or G2 driver accumulates four or more demerit points, the ministry will suspend that persons license for 30 days. This is where we come in. Once a suspension is assessed, that person may be canceled from the insurance as well, later being forced to pay enormous rates so one cannot drive. The importance of fighting tickets can't be emphasized enough. With the police monitoring our drivers, insurance companies monitoring our tickets, and the ministry monitoring our points and driving habits, it gives you a great peace of mind knowing that Coopers will keep them honest.


We defend you, we defend your points and we defend your insurance rates!

“I recently had the occasion to enlist the help of C.O.O.P.E.R.S and was very pleased with the outcome and their professionalism. I would enlist their help again if the need should ever arise.” - Lou, Sudbury