Legal Services

At Coopers, we want to help drivers of all classes maintain a good record and reasonable insurance rates. When in an accident or given a ticket, your record and rates can change fast and for the worse! Having a representative for your legal appeal or trial could be the most important decision you've ever made, and who better to trust then those who have worked in these fields already!

We can help you with a wide variety of charges including:

- Failure to stop at a red light

- Careless driving

- Stunt driving

- Failure to report a collision

- Leaving the scene of an accident

- And many others, just give us a call!


We can also help your with other legal services such as:

- Criminal charges

- Highway and traffic act

- Accidents and collisions.

“I was astounded by the positive remarks right away, I felt really at ease with him as he explained his plan for me. My careless driving charge had been reduced to failure to yield. I would highly recommend Coopers for anyone in a serious traffic charge.” - Glen, Sudbury