Young Drivers

As a young driver in Ontario, an accident or ticket can mean a license suspension and increased insurance rates, forcing you to stop driving. At Coopers, we can help defend your insurance rates, your points and you!

Demerit Points

The Ministry of Transportation gives out demerit points on a persons license when charged with a traffic violation, which can result in losing your license and increased insurance rates! We can help defend your record to keep you on the road!

Speeding Tickets

Paying your speeding ticket in Ontario is an automatic plea guilty, so make sure you know what your getting yourself into! Many times, officers are wrong and you can fight for your rights!

Ticket Stats

Did you know there were over 215,000 reported collisions in Ontario during 2010? Learn about Ontario statistics and your rights when given a ticket!

“I am very satisfied with the outcome and the substantial reduction of the offence. Working with your agency was a pleasant experience and I would recommend your services to anyone involved in any traffic offenses. Thanks again for your help.” - Doris, Sudbury